In partnership with our clients requirements, we provide them with “out of the ordinary” campaigns.
We want our clients to “Stand Out”.


City Media shall be a Trendsetter within (D) OOH. We shall lead the way when it comes to Creative and innovative campaign solutions.

We are in constant development and strive towards each of our client solutions and client branding projects to stand out from the crowd.It is our philosophy, that its better to Stand out from the crowd, rather than blend in.


We can only reach new heights and provide exceptional solutions in cooperation with our clients.
We see our roll as providing inspiration & motivation to our clients to put into reality their thoughts, that they may often sit with, just not put into effect.

We bring a combined 60 plus years of OOH expertise using the best team in the business to the table.

The biggest brands

The biggest launches

The most important messages

They deserves to express themselves creatively in Denmark’s largest media surfaces

We give your message credibility and a unique WOW effect.

We create an experience on the street both for the customer, but also for the consumer.

City Media A/S · Store Kongensgade 116, 1. Sal · DK – 1264 København K · Tlf.: +45 70 206 205 · E-mail: citymedia@citymedia.dk

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