Dynamic sales tools and a future-proof system


Telenor is one of the world’s major mobile operators across Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe and Asia. In Sweden, Telenor has about 2.6 million mobile subscribers, almost 700 000 broadband customers and half a million TV customers.

When we started our cooperation, Telenor had a basic digital signage solution running in their physical stores. The fact that it was basic had a lot to do with their high IT security – handling sensitive information, they needed a safe system that still enabled them to step into the future of digital communication.


We made a future-proof system by building a thorough and secure ground. The new system is dependable and runs on high-speed internet. It makes it possible for the staff to interact with the screens – which we also replaced with slim and modern alternatives, well in line with what the brand represents.

To enhance the in-store experience and simplify the staff’s work from day one, we developed tailor-made solutions consisting of an interactive sales tool, a campaign table and a backdrop that makes a big impact whilst have a calming effect with atmospheric content. Learn more about the solutions we developed further down.


The thorough ground was the first and most important step in our cooperation with Telenor. Today our solutions run in 70 different stores with a total of 600 screens, and since the start in Q1 2017 all the solutions have been continuously tested and evaluated by a designated group of Telenor co-workers, to ensure that everything we do is of high relevance for the actual users.